Attracting New Customers: How to Engage With Higher-Funnel Visitors on Your Site

The people visiting your site typically come from all walks of life and are at all stages of the buying journey. Finding ways to convince the people who are just seeking information to ultimately purchase your products or services is essential if you want to grow your brand. That means you’ll need to understand the sales funnel and find ways to engage those users in a way that doesn’t feel forced or high-pressured. Here are a few tips from your trusted website design team to help you do just that. 

What Is the Sales Funnel?
The sales funnel is a way to identify where your customers fall in their buying journey. This allows you to create content and interact with them in a way that drives them further down the funnel until they ultimately become a paying customer. As you run your business, you’ll typically see your customers fall into one of the three main categories in the sales funnel:
  • Top of the funnel: Buyers in this stage are primarily concerned about collecting information about businesses like yours and are still trying to decide if they need the types of products or services that you offer.
  • Middle of the funnel: Buyers in this stage are actively showing interest in your business and are certain that they need the types of services you provide. They’re still deciding between working with you or your competitors. 
  • Bottom of the funnel: Buyers in this stage are ready to work with you and typically contact your business or make a purchase on your website.

Ideally, your customers will move from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel on their own. 

How to Engage With Your Top-of-the-Funnel Visitors
While it’s important to be aware of each stage and target different types of content to each type of buyer, finding ways to engage your top-of-the-funnel visitors can be tough. But reaching out to them and engaging with them is key if you want to keep your business growing in a sustainable way. Here are a few tips to help you engage with top-of-the-funnel visitors and encourage them to move further down the buying process.

Set Your Site up for Success
If your site is difficult to use, not optimized for mobile devices, or doesn’t load quickly, you may end up driving your top-of-funnel visitors away. Take a long, hard look at your site and make sure it’s set up for success. Fix any loading issues. Make sure the site is optimized for mobile devices. Collect feedback from friends, family, and existing customers to see if they’ve identified any pain points when using your site and fix those issues immediately.

This will help you create a positive first impression and may set your site apart from your competitors. When customers find it easy to get the information they need, they’ll be more likely to remember your brand and work with you in the future, even if they’re not ready to make a purchase now. 

Create Detailed and Informative Product/Service Descriptions
Ultimately, you’re concerned with convincing customers to buy your products. But when customers are just looking around and learning more about the types of products or services you offer, getting them to buy can be tough. The best thing you can do to encourage your customers to move further down the funnel is to create detailed and informative product and services descriptions. 

These descriptions serve as a way to showcase why your business is better than the others by calling out the benefits your products or services provide. Make these descriptions educational, informative, and casual. Remember,  you want to appeal to as many buyers as you can and using informal language will ensure that you’re not alienating anyone.

Show Your Credibility
Like it or not, customers will rely on reviews of your business before they move further down the funnel. They want to see what others have to say about your company and your products. Be sure to include both good and bad reviews that are easy to navigate and read on your site.

This shows customers that you have nothing to hide. When they’re able to see what others have to say and can learn about the common negative experiences, they’ll feel more empowered to make a decision. Even better, they’ll have more confidence in your brand than they might if you hide reviews from the public. Ultimately, people don’t like to take chances with their money. 

Don’t Shy Away From Encouraging Conversions
Though most top-of-the-funnel visitors are just looking for information, some will be ready to convert and commit to working with you. That means you shouldn’t shy away from encouraging those conversions. Make sure your contact information is easily accessible on your site and, if you sell products online, make sure the purchasing process is easy to navigate. 

You’ll likely see at least a few sales each month from visitors who weren’t aware that they were ready to commit to working with your business. This is a key component in growing your brand.

How to Implement These Concepts
You know your business and you know your customers. But how well do you know how to reach out to each type of new customer that visits your site? Unless you’re an experienced web designer and content writer, you probably aren’t sure where to begin. That’s okay. Here are a few ways to implement these concepts in your business:
  • Talk to your customers: Find out what your current customers like about your site and what they don’t. Use this information to create a plan to revamp your site to meet their needs.
  • Hire a pro: You have better things to do with your time than figure out how to speed up your site. Instead, work with a professional website designer and let them optimize your site.
  • Keep tabs on your content: Create new and informative content that speaks to users at all funnel levels. This way, top-of-the-funnel visitors can easily move down the funnel without having to wait for more details.

Let Denver Website Designs Help
At Denver Website Designs, we’re in the business of helping companies grow their online presence and improve their customers’ experience every time they visit their websites. If you’re ready to boost your site’s performance and reach customers at all stages of the buying journey, we have the solutions you need. Contact us to schedule a demo today. 
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