Critical Navigational Features

Website design plays a critical role in the functionality of any visitor's experience. As potential customers come across available offerings of interest, being able to move about a website and find the needed information is extremely important. If these details aren't found quickly, then it is possible visitors may immediately leave and look elsewhere for their needed goods or services. When this happens, not only does your company lose business, but it also may lead to a bad reputation when it comes to customer experience. 

New research shows website navigation may be losing you customers and being able to understand why this is happening helps promote results. If corrections can be made to the navigational features on your website for a quality user experience, then these steps should be executed to allow for the best overall experience. Many components should be examined to construct an easily navigable website, but there are a few key features which should definitely be highlighted.


Having a website with easily accessible and visible links makes both the information and movement online much easier. Not only will visitors easily be able to locate the information they are seeking, but the functionality also keeps potential customers happy and engaged as they examine details of your business.


Links should be placed with priority in mind and with specific intent. When designing your website, the goal shouldn’t be to simply provide information but adjustments should be considered for how consumers will interact with your page. Having priority links placed in key areas with ample information, should boost performance and the receptiveness of visitors.


As more and more people access the internet via their cell phone, tablet, or laptop, being able to customize your website for these various screen sizes remains important. In addition, how the navigational features of your site display within these different layouts is also critical to a quality user experience. If individuals are unable to navigate the site due to glitches, crowded text, or non-functional links on their phone, then expect them to look elsewhere for whatever they are hoping to find.


As with many ideas and concepts, keeping things simple is often better than overdoing it with unnecessary verbiage or excess links. This same idea can be applied to website design, especially when dealing with the navigational features. A few simple links to help move around the site, explore goods or services, and locate valuable information are typically all that is needed for a quality user experience.

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